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The status of this project, as of version 0.1.1, is as follows:

  • Functional - the system is usable for storing data (using the objects mentioned below).
  • Authentication - The administrator user is able to make any changes, is able to create new users, and is able to assign permissions to those users.
  • Objects - currently available objects are containers (folders), users, notes, HTML documents, and contacts. Search and link are also on the way, but are not yet functional.
  • Images - Currently, no images come with the distribution, as the images used come from Gnome. Once I've confirmed the licensing of all the images and replaced any which aren't usable, I'll add these to the distribution - in the mean time you may be able to use the standard Apache icons (which you can normally browse by visiting /icons/ on your web server).
  • Security - Currently, there are no known security problems with the system. If you find any, please do report them.

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